Faculty + Resources

Faculty + Resources

Finance professor David Offenberg

The award-winning accounting and finance faculty at LMU's College of Business Administration is made up of highly-trained and diverse professionals who not only focus on innovative research but also ensure that students are exposed to the latest theories and technologies in business.

Data Resources

Faculty within the College of Business Administration have access to numerous research databases for business, economic and financial information.

Business Insights: Global
Contact: Glenn Johnson-Grau
Research and compare companies and industries using industry rankings, company profiles, market share data, investment reports, charts and graphs.

Contact: Chun Lee
Financial and accounting data available to faculty and undergraduates only.

EIU Economist Intelligence Unit
Contact: Glenn Johnson-Grau
Offers three kinds of business intelligence: Country analysis on more than 200 markets, industry trends in six key sectors and the latest management strategies and best practices.

Global Market Information Database
Contact: Glenn Johnson-Grau
Provides comparable statistics for over 205 countries on economic indicators, health, foreign trade, environment, lifestyle, industrial and agriculture output, communications and more.

Mergent Online
Contact: Glenn Johnson-Grau
A fully searchable database with financial details of over 25,000 active and inactive U.S. companies. In addition, subscribers gain access to companies representing over 95% of the non-U.S. global market capitalization. Database includes over 300,000 annual reports from globally listed companies, with archived reports for over 10 years. 

Morningstar Investment Research Center
Contact: Glenn Johnson-Grau
Offers access to many popular Premium features of Morningstar.com, including research and independent opinions on thousands of mutual funds, stocks, and exchange-traded funds. Morningstar Investment Research Center incorporates the best of Morningstar data, analysis, technology, and information design. Includes analyst reports of 2,000 mutual funds and nearly 2,000 stocks.

ProQuest Statistical Insight
Contact: Glenn Johnson-Grau
Access to statistical information compiled by federal and state governmental agencies, business and trade groups, independent research organizations, and universities.

SEED database
Cornerstone Research and the NYU Pollack Center for Law & Business launched the Securities Enforcement Empirical Database (SEED) which tracks and records information on SEC enforcement actions against public companies.

SRDS Media Solutions
Contact: Glenn Johnson-Grau
Media rates and information for media types including print, broadcast, newspaper, direct marketing and online. Includes Business Publications Advertising Source, Consumer Magazine Advertising Source, Newspaper Advertising Source, Radio Advertising Source and TV and Cable Source. The SRDS database catalogs more than 100,000 U.S. and international media properties.

Contact: Glenn Johnson-Grau
An international database that specializes in tabular data dealing with companies, products, industries, and demographics. Tables cover market share, rankings, forecasts, production, consumption, number of users/outlets, exports, imports, usage, capacity, etc. Tables are from a range of sources including trade and business publications, investment research, trade associations, statistical annuals, primary research, international organizations and government. Most tables are linked to the full text articles they were selected from.

Contact: Kristine Brancolini
Provides LMU faculty with access to Compustat, CRSP, and other databases.