In 2002, LMU's College of Business Administration established the Student Investment Fund (SIF) with the purpose of providing students with a valuable hands-on experience in researching, choosing, investing, monitoring and measuring the performance of stocks. Since 2008, the fund has been managed by 12 students in the one-year three-course SIF Security Analysis and Portfolio Management Seminars.


Our mission is to offer students the opportunity to apply the theories they learn in class which will give them the needed skills to manage funds through investment and security analysis. As this type of knowledge and understanding is usually obtained through on-the-job training, participating students are rewarded by being immediately prepared to pursue financial careers following graduation.

How CBA's Program is Different

What sets this program apart from others is its balanced combination of investment theory with actual implementation. Students develop a practical skillset and put into practice security analysis and portfolio management training. This provides well-timed investment management opportunities as students work throughout an entire academic year rather than just a semester, allowing them to both experience and react to market fluctuations.

Student training is also enhanced by frequent interaction with key professionals and institutions within the money management industry. In addition, LMU's target student group for involvement in this program is unique. Such courses usually are reserved for MBA students who already have work experience; LMU's program is strictly for undergraduates.

Program Focus

While the market performance of stocks managed by students is continuously monitored by mentors throughout the year, the primary focus of this program is to provide a realistic, high-quality practical experience for business students on the cusp of graduation. By allowing them to invest and manage an actual monetary fund, undergraduates can tout real-life investing experience to prospective employers, improving their chances for placement within prestigious business and financial organizations.

Application and Requirements

Eligible students must be enrolled in the College of Business Administration and be in good academic standing with a minimum 3.3 GPA at the time of application. Students who are graduating in December 2017 are not eligible since the class requires a full one-year commitment. All applicants are also required to have successfully completed FNCE 3400 or FNCE 3410 by the end of the spring 2017 semester.

To learn more about how to get involved in the Student Investment Fund, please contact Professor Chun Lee at