Global Study

Global Study

Global Study Opportunities for MBA Students

Bonn Program

MBA students have the opportunity to earn three credit hours in the heart of the European Union. The two-week program is headquartered in Bonn, Germany, which is within easy reach of major European capitals and corporate headquarters. The program allows participants to experience the ongoing transformation of Europe and the myriad ways in which this continental unification is developing. Learn more.

CMS Program

For more than 30 years, the MBA Program at LMU has provided students with a unique opportunity to participate in an outstanding study of global business through its Comparative Management Systems (CMS) Program. Learn More.

Global Study Opportunities for Undergraduates

INBA 2898: Exploring Asian Culture

Each year, the Center for Asian Business coordinates INBA 2898: Exploring Asian Culture. The course is an introduction to the culture and history of East Asia for understanding today’s Asian business world. Learn more.

Global Sustainability: Challenges and Prospects in East Asia

This course takes a close look at what is happening in business strategy today through the ‘lens’ of sustainability. We will explore corporate sustainability challenges and opportunities in a global context and with a particular emphasis on East Asian countries such as Korea, Japan and China. Learn more.

Scholarships for Summer Study in Korea

The Center for Asian Business offers multiple summer scholarships to visit the amazing Asian country of South Korea. All LMU second and third year students who have not previously visited Korea should consider this opportunity to learn about an ancient Asian culture and how it has become the world's 10th largest economy. Recipients live with host families and visit important cultural sites as well as meet Korean students, professors and business leaders. Learn more.

LMU Study Abroad

Studying abroad is an educational and transformative experience. There are many great reasons to study abroad, including obtaining a global perspective, improving communications skills, enhancing the value of your degree and gaining valuable contacts. Click here for more information.