Modules & Instructors


Each session is taught by LMU students who have been trained to teach specific modules. The minimal age difference between students and instructors allows the content to be more relevant and teachable.


A budget is the first step in turning a dream into an actual lifestyle.
Be aware of what you value and be willing to invest your time to achieve your goals.
Your credit history determines what loans you will qualify for and the interest rate.
Credit & Debt
Gain a greater self-understanding and learn the traits found in successful entrepreneurs.
Networking is all about relationship building.
Learn the difference between simple and compound interest.
Growing your assets decreases your need to exchange your time for income.
Stock Market
Research the kind of car you need, want and can afford to buy and own.
Buying a Car
Learn about payroll taxes and other deductions withheld from wages
Payroll Taxes
Gain self confidence by speaking in a clear and concise manner.
Professional Communication Skills

Meet the Instructors

Charity Elise Waddy
Mechanical Engineering
Indah Putri
Jessica Perez
Entrepreneurship & Political Science
Jimmy Souverein
Jose Garcia
Nicole Fong
Entrepreneurship & Asian Pacific Studies