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M-School classroom projects are real campaigns for clients.

Making the Mundane Magnificent

Few things are more boring that laundry and making toast, at least until now. M-School students we tasked to tell great stories out of mundane activities.

Static Cling
By Ben Zassara '21, Anna Azgorski '21 and Kaylyn Bucknor '21
By Michaela Lumia '21, Nicole Castro '21 and Katherine Wislocki '21

Life in Quarantine

Students left for Spring Break mid-March 2020 expecting to be back on campus in a week when the global pandemic forced the campus to shut down, and the academic year coming to a close with no pomp nor circumstance. Students were asked to create a 1-2 minute video on their experiences.

by Kyle Woodland '21
QUARANTINE THE MOVIE (official trailer)
by Eliza Wood '21
Michael's Declassified Quarantine Survival Guide
by Michael Teasdale '21
The Pink Project
by Gaby Guerrero '21
by John Mulliken '21
Long Journey Back Home
by Anita Li '21

The Opioid Crisis

M-School partnered with the Los Angeles Department of Public Health and Fraser Communications to uncover insights and develop work to raise awareness of one of the biggest problems facing our country: the Opioid Crisis.

Risky Sh*t
The opioid epidemic is devastating, yet so few young people are aware of it. Knowing that Gen Z is one of the most risk-averse generations in history, M-School students reframed the conversation around pill popping with their Risky Sh*t campaign.

By Celine Chai ‘20, Haley Jackson ‘20, Jared Gencarella’ 20, Raihan Bal ‘20
Armed with the insight that the vast majority of heroin addicts started by taking prescription pain pills, this team decided to raise awareness of the issue by playing on a familiar trope: pharmaceutical advertising.

By Haley Hoffman ‘20, Fran Magsalin ‘20, David Au ‘20, Allie Messenger ‘20, Izze Minzer ‘20