Featured Portfolios

M-School classroom projects are real campaigns for clients.


Foie Gras Balls

by Jack Green '22 and Macy Ebright '22, presented to Dollar Shave Club, Spring 2021.



Two billboard advertisements for Wonder Bread

Will Portman '22

Quarantining drove bored Americans to try a new domestic hobby - BREADMAKING! Turns out, it’s harder than you think. Fortunately, Wonder Bread is a click away.



Ring Escalator

Katie Mattocks '22

Ring doorbells are the easiest way to elevate your home, offering luxury service that is unlike any other doorbell. Home security now has a whole new look. Ring is at your service.



Miracle Grow Bean Stalk

Hayden Wheeler '22

When it comes to most fairytales, people think magic is the source of their fantastically beautiful worlds, but we’ll let you in on a little secret...it was Miracle Grow.



Last Supper Solo Cup

Jesse Payne '22

SOLO cups are there for some of our most memorable moments. Makes you wonder what people did before SOLO cups were invented.




by Jack Green '22, Macy Ebright '22, Tori French '22 and Jesse Payne '22.

Tasked by Lowe's Home Improvement to increase awareness and consideration among 18-30 year-olds, the M-School strategy team (led by Joey Cuevas '22, Charlie Good '22, Alison Martin '22, Giovana Poisl '22, and Giovanni Recinos '22) thought that Lowe's needed something easy and fun to get newbie DIYers to make a drive past the top-of-mind Home Depot. The team spotted an opportunity with the rising trend of at-home gardening, but was curious -- with much love for plants, why don't more people have them? Their in-depth-interviews revealed that people are afraid of killing something they love. Armed with that insight, the team briefed their M-School creative counterparts on the "Plants = Love" strategy.


2020: A Year of Change, A Year of Action

In our 2021 Production Tools and Techniques course, student teams were tasked with creating a short video and poster reflecting on their experiences as students, friends and family members during the 2020 global pandemic.


by Cameron Addis ’22, Emily Cleary ‘22, Jesse Payne ‘22, and Oliver Utz ‘22.



Da Capo

by Caitlin Colina ’22, Noah Glassman ’22, Will Portman ’22, and Sammi Su ‘22.




by Hanna Rosenbaum ’22, Riley Brewer ’21, Katie Mattocks ’22, and Michael Elias ‘22.



Survive 2k20

by Tara Meagher ’21, Megan Reyes ’21, Trevor Gray ’21, and Katherine Meyer ‘21.