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Part of the ambition of the M-School is to develop "real-world ready students." Not book-smart students who only have an appreciation for the accepted rules of marketing, but modern-day thinkers and doers capable of writing some new rules of their own. Over several years, Team One has had the privilege of collaborating with a number of M-School students who personify what it means to be real-world ready.

Mark Miller, Chief Strategy Officer at Team One


As advertisers and agencies follow consumers' lead into the digital world, LMU's M-School is the only program I am aware of that is meaningfully adapting their curriculum to prepare students for today's professional marketing environment. Of course, LMU is uniquely situated to attempt this herculean task due to its incredibly close proximity to the nation's leading agencies and technology platforms. This allows for industry professionals to integrate with the M-School faculty, and classrooms to shift from campus to agency pitch rooms to YouTube studios to Facebook training halls. The subjects covered in the Adaptive Media and Analytics course are so up-to-date, that new creative formats and platform feature changes were discussed in class as they happened. By giving the students an opportunity to spend real money promoting their projects though Google and Facebook, the Adaptive Media course not only gives the students applicable skills – it even gives them applicable experience. The result of all this, of course, is graduating students with highly covetable skills and a future-proof education.

Jeff Pickett, Global Lead, Search & Performance at OMD Media Arts Lab


The M-School provides graduating students a clear competitive advantage applying for jobs within the ad industry. They leave with a foundation of theoretical knowledge, practical skills to help them succeed immediately, and the polish of seasoned veterans. M-School students have a more realistic set of expectations for the first few years of their career, and are more equipped to handle the day to day rigors of the job. Due to the hands on experience of the curriculum, they have a greater propensity to know what they're good at, and which role within the agency would be the best fit. I get calls and emails at the end of every semester from HR departments asking for my list of the best students. They're getting jobs in a competitive market, at some of the country's best agencies. It's truly an invaluable experience.

Mike Peditto, Brand Director at 72andSunny


This program bridges the gap between industry need and entry level readiness like nothing I have witnessed before. Students are learning ever changing real-world skills from industry leaders and entering the workforce prepared for success. I can personally attest to the value put on candidates coming out of the program. They meet and beat expectation every time, and that's rewarded. I am interested to see where our business goes with a more prepared workforce on the horizon.

Andrew Dubois, Business Director at Anomaly


The M-School at LMU continues to be a great source of talent for the marketing industry. The real-world curriculum and instructors prepares undergrads for the fast-paced, ever-changing advertising industry. M-School gives them practical skills and experience that affords them an advantage as they seek internships and, ultimately, a career in the industry. By working directly with industry experts and, not only studying, but creating real world marketing solutions, they step into the world confident, experienced and ready to take on the industry.

Susan Franciscini, Executive Director at ThinkLA