A group of students standing near the LMU Lion statue

Student-focused. Welcoming. Flexible. Friendly. That's how students describe the down-to-earth, tightly-knit LMU community. LMU fosters a collaborative environment that encourages students to get involved in clubs and obtain leadership roles. Social and professional networking events are offered throughout the year, often with access to College of Business Administration (CBA) alumni.

LMU Entrepreneurship Society

The LMU Entrepreneurship Society consists of LMU students from all majors and graduate programs interested in exploring opportunities related to entrepreneurship. It provides an environment where students can learn and engage in the world of entrepreneurship with fellow students, professors, entrepreneurs and other professionals. The Entrepreneurship Society hosts speaker events, company tours as well as various networking opportunities with alumni and members of the broader business community. 

CBA Graduate Student Association (CBAGSA)

The CBAGSA is the official student association for all LMU Graduate Business Programs. Each year, the CBAGSA hosts a number of social, professional and philanthropic events for students to network and build relationships between our programs. Program representation on the CBAGSA board is proportional to each program's current enrollment, and every program has at least 1 representative.

Graduate Students of LMU (GSLMU)

GSLMU is the official student governance organization for current LMU graduate students. Its mission is to advocate and engage graduate students across LMU, foster a rich academic, professional and social network, and promote a Jesuit and Marymount heritage of being men and women for others.

Additional CBA Student Organizations

In addition to the above, there are numerous student organizations covering a variety of business interests such as real estate, finance and marketing. These organizations' memberships primarily consist of undergraduate students; however, graduate students are allowed to join.