Mission + Core Values

Hilton Center for Business Entrance


The College of Business Administration advances knowledge and develops business leaders with moral courage and creative confidence to be a force for good in the global community.

Core Values

  • Commitment to Students: We care about our students and are committed to their success. Consistent with the education of the whole person, we view each individual and her/his development as important and worthy of the investment of our time and resources. We are also committed to our alumni as lifetime learners and as lifetime members of the CBA community.

  • Competence: We seek an uncompromising standard of excellence from our faculty, staff and students. Competence provides the underlying foundations enabling an individual to positively transform organizations and society. Competence includes technical skills, critical thinking, oral and written communications, and interpersonal skills.

  • Ethics and Stewardship: We dedicate ourselves to developing ethical leaders who visibly demonstrate affirmative values in their personal and professional endeavors. Ethical stewardship encompasses principled behavior and the tenets of corporate social responsibility, including attention to economic, social and environmental performance. We encourage personal and organizational integrity and responsibility, as expressed in concern for both the welfare of all stakeholders and the pursuit of long-term sustainability and economic value.

  • Community: We strive for an academic community that is diverse, inclusive and collaborative. We are committed to establishing and nurturing robust relationships based on trust, integrity, empathy and respect among members of the LMU community, and with organizations and individuals in local and global communities. 

  • Intellectual Curiosity and Inquiry: We pursue a lifelong commitment to intellectual curiosity and inquiry in our students and faculty. Our faculty effectively demonstrates the value of these pursuits through scholarship that broadens and enriches the educational opportunities for our students, creates knowledge for the academic community, provides solutions for the business community and supports the public interest.