Yongsun Paik, Ph.D.

Office: Hilton 215
Phone: 310.338.7402
Email: yspaik@lmu.edu

Areas of Expertise

  • International Human Resource Management
  • Global Strategic Alliances
  • East Asian Business Studies


Yongsun Paik is an International Business and Management Professor with an interest in international human resources management, cross-border M&As and joint ventures, and East Asian business management. Prior to joining the LMU faculty in 1991, Paik taught at the University of Washington, Seattle and worked as a country economist at the Export-Import Bank of Korea. He has also served as a visiting professor at Yonsei and Sogang University in Korea and at Thunderbird’s American Graduate School of International Management. Paik is an Editorial Board Member for the Journal of World Business and the Thunderbird International Business Review, and former President of the Association of Korean Management Scholars. He has published two books and over 50 articles in major international business and management journals. Paik is a highly-decorated academic where some of his honors include the Fulbright Senior Specialist Program Award, Korea Foundation Fellowship Award, Best Paper Award from the Academy of Management, Best Paper Award from the US Association for Small Business Entrepreneurship National Conference, and the Most Outstanding Faculty Person Award from Delta Sigma Pi.

  • PhD: University of Washington, Seattle (1991)
  • MA: University of Texas at Austin (1986)
  • BA: Yonsei University, Korea (1978)

Recent Publications
  • Ando, N. & Paik, Y. (2013), “Institutional Distance, Host Country and International Business Experience, and the Use of Parent Country Nationals,” Human Resource Management Journal, 23 (1): 52-71.
  • Paik, Y. & Belcher, J. (2012) “Key HRM Strategies For M&A Integration In The Global Banking Industry: A Comparative Study of The U.S., Europe, And South America,” European Journal of International Management, 6(6): 676-696.
  • Paik, Y. & Ando, N (2011), “MNC’s Competitive Strategies, Experiences, and Staffing Policies for Foreign Affiliates: The Case of Japanese MNCs,” International Journal of Human Resource Management, 22 (15): 3003-3019.
  • Vance, C. & Paik, Y (2010).  “Managing a global workforce: Challenges and Opportunities in International Human Resource Management,” (2nd ed.) New York: M. E. Sharpe Publications, September 2010.
  • Chen, D., Paik, Y. & Park, S (2010), “Control in IJVs: Evidence from China,” Journal of International Business Studies, 41(3): 526-537.