Business Incubator

Business Incubator

The Business Incubator enhances the educational experience by giving students the workspace and guidance to prepare our students for the real world. Student teams admitted to the Incubator receive advice from subject matter experts, alumni, and seasoned entrepreneurs and investors. The Incubator is located in the Hilton basement and aims to build a success-oriented culture inside the CBA and across the entire university.

The Business Incubator strives to:

  • Empower students to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams
  • Build businesses that have potential for impact in the real world
  • Allow students to learn from doing - from both successes and failures


Space A physical space to work on ideas
Support Small funds to help the venture get started
Guidance Guidance and advice from entrepreneurs, subject-matter experts, alumni and faculty members
Community Opportunity for students to partner up with other motivated and talented students across the country
Network Connections to seasoned entrepreneurs, investors and professionals from the larger business community


  • Albert Cheng: EVP, Digital Media, Disney
  • Craig Conway: Former CEO, PeopleSoft and Director,
  • Philipp Czernin: President, Momentum Biosciences
  • Saachi Cywinski: Co-Founder, WhiteyBoard
  • Tim Dean: President, Houdini Enterprises
  • John Diep: Founder, Schmoozd & Mentor Night
  • Julia Dilts: President, Wild Horse Labs
  • Michael Faught: Founder, Los Angeles Business & Finance Academy
  • Ed Fu: Associate, Rustic Canyon
  • Jerry Katz: President, Katz Accountancy and Grandview Palms
  • Tony Karrer: CTO, TechEmpower and Former CTO, eHarmony
  • Ted Krause: Principal, 8 River Capital and Founder, Buystand
  • Joon Lee: Vice President, SK Telecom Americas
  • Christian Perry Limon: Director of Business Development, Tapjoy
  • Greg Lontok: CTO, GlobalWide Media
  • Howard Marks: Chair, Startup Engine and Founder, Activision
  • Mike Miller: Maverick Angels
  • Ryan Nurnberger: President, Olivera Trading and CEO, Royal Frozen Foods
  • Doug Pak: President, Frandeli
  • Vidya Priyadarshini: President, Building Blocks
  • Edward Renwick: President, Raineth
  • Rami Rostami: President, Technocel
  • Stephanie Shapiro: Prize Designer, X PRIZE Foundation
  • Mike Schoettle: Member, TechCoast Angels
  • John Tomich: CEO, Onestop Internet


For more information about the CBA Business Incubator or to learn how you can get involved, please contact:

David Y. Choi, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship
Loyola Marymount University