Most judges for the student team presentation competition have been men and women from business, but faculty and professional staff are welcome as well.  We generally use panels of three to five judges. No special expertise or prior experience is necessary. The student team is responsible for bringing the judges up to speed on any special information related to the topic of the presentation.

Sessions run a maximum of 90 minutes. Judges listen to the team’s presentation (about 30 minutes), question the team for perhaps another 20 to 30 minutes, give feedback to the team about the presentation’s strengths and weaknesses, and then evaluate the team’s performance using the judging form. Teams are judged on how well they covered the legal, financial and ethical dimensions of the case, as well as how effective their presentation was. While judges are welcome to be on as many panels as they like, we recognize the time demands they’re under and generally ask for a commitment of only one 90 minute session.

If you might be interested, please contact Thomas White for more information.