Center Activities

Center Activities

We strive to achieve the mission of the Center for Accounting Ethics, Governance, and the Public Interest through activities in three major categories:


  • Offer a separate ethics course for undergraduate accounting majors (ACCT 405 Accounting Ethics, Professionalism, and the Public Interest)
  • Integrate ethics into the accounting and business curricula
  • Coordinate and present speakers and events
    • Distinguished Speaker Series
    • Other speakers and panels
    • Workshops, seminars, conferences
    • Movies and videos
    • Provide grants for faculty innovation in ethics education
    • Provide relevant information and links on the center's website


  • Encourage and support faculty research on ethics topics
  • Provide grants for faculty research on ethics topics

Interaction with Professional, Business and Academic Communities

  • Invite members of the professional and business communities (especially alumni) to attend the Distinguished Speaker Series and other events
  • Partner with professional and business associations, firms, corporations and academic institutions to hold workshops, seminars and conferences on ethics topics at LMU and other locations
  • Partner with practicing professionals to write practitioner articles on ethics topics
  • Participate in ethics workshops, seminars and conferences held outside LMU