Finance professor David Offenberg

A degree in Finance provides students with 1) the necessary skills to perform rigorous financial analysis; 2) an adequate understanding of financial markets, institutions and current issues, in order to 3) contribute more to firms in their chosen specialty within finance upon graduation from LMU. Students develop analytical skills in the application of theory and tools essential to financial planning, investments, financial markets, institutions and corporate planning while acquiring the vocabulary and critical financial perspectives needed to enhance their careers and personal financial goals.

LMU Finance graduates:

  • Understand how to assess a firm's financial performance
  • Know how to value a stream of cash flows
  • Understand the relationship between risk and return and the benefits of diversification
  • Are able to make sound investment decisions
  • Understand the determinants and importance of a firm's capital structure
  • Understand how financial managers deal with international risk
  • Understand important considerations in working capital management
Madeline Santy
Madeline Santy '14
"Every industry needs finance experts so opportunities are plentiful."
David Offenberg
David Offenberg, Ph.D.
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