Capstone Project

Capstone Project

AIMS 4797 is the Capstone Project course: Students identify an IT field project and apply problem-solving skills and techniques to tackle the analysis, design and implementation of a solution for the complex IT problem.

Drew Hontz '13

Drew Hontz graduated from the AIMS Program in December 2013. Throughout his education, he expressed interest in system and database administration as well as general purpose programming. While studying at LMU, Drew held many positions ranging from computer lab manager to leading an e-commerce project at the university. In his spare time, he enjoys various outdoor activities from camping and hiking to surfing and biking. Drew currently works in the Integrated Defense Systems division of Thales Raytheon Systems as a Systems Administrator. 

Drew’s Project: A Centralized E-Commerce Solution for Business Operations on Campus

The problem was concerned with creating a centralized e-commerce site to streamline the business operations of the various departments on campus to meet mandated Federal Government data security standards. Prior to this project’s implementation, various departments across campus tackled their business operations or transactions without any uniform guidelines, and were mostly not in compliance with Federal Government data security mandate. The primary task involved determining the credit card payment system to choose to implement with the requisite data security standards to enable the university to comply with the federal mandate on data security. The next step involved evaluating various e-commerce sites to determine which site would be able to integrate suitably with the university’s general leger accounting system. The final step in the implementation involved using the MBA office to field test the designed solution. The field test proved successful and hence the decision was made to go ahead with the full implementation of the e-commerce solution at a future date. 

Heidi Slojewski '13

Heidi Slojewski completed her Bachelor of Science in AIMS in December 2013. She's had an interest in working with the Internet since she was in middle school--especially in the entertainment and non-profit industries--and has previously worked in web editing for multiple LMU departments, as an analytics intern for Nickelodeon Games Group at, and as a product development intern for She is continuing her work at Disney Interactive--in product operations and technical writing--and intends to further build her skills and experience in research and analytics, database management systems, and interaction design for the future.

Heidi’s Project: Selling Rare Books Online

The student’s client has amassed a large collection of rare books over the years, some of which were autographed by the authors. The collector decided to put the books up for sale online. However, the collection was not properly organized, so the first step in the project was to catalogue the books in the collection and create a database for the collection to make it easier for later searches to be made. This was followed by creating a website with a user-friendly homepage interface to enable potential buyers to the site to be able to search for any book in the collection he/she may want to purchase. When the buyer finds a book in the collection to purchase, the database is updated to reflect a reduction in the inventory of the selected book. The buyer then proceeds to provide personal and credit card payment information to be processed by an authorized third party payment system, which will complete the payment transaction and credit payment to the collector’s account. A copy of the book is then shipped with a note to the buyer and the transaction is complete.