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Teaching Entrepreneurship with Ethics & Social Responsibility since 1972.

LMU prepares future entrepreneurs for success. Students take innovative courses, connect with successful entrepreneurs and participate in business plan competitions. Our Business Incubator provides students with the workplace and guidance to prepare their businesses for the real world. Located in Los Angeles, LMU is at the center of Southern California's booming startup community.

LMU has a concentration in entrepreneurship at both the graduate (MBA) and undergraduate levels. We are dedicated to instilling the entrepreneurial spirit into all students, regardless of their future careers as employees in large firms or as the creators of new ventures.

Today's entrepreneurial stars are helping develop tomorrow's entrepreneurs. Students learn from successful entrepreneurs through the Hilton Distinguished Entrepreneur Lecture Series and Dinner with a Winner events. We also celebrate our distinguished alumni as part of the Wall of Honor Awards, which recognizes alums who have made significant contributions to the field of entrepreneurship.